All of our servers run Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu) which have been proven time and again to be reliable and secure. All data on the servers is backed up nightly to both an onsite and an offsite location so that all files are maintained in the case of an emergency.

Apache / Nginx

Digital Cheetah's solutions run both the most widely deployed web server, Apache, and the fastest web server, Ngnix.


Our databases run on MySQL, the world's most popular open source database and a division of Oracle Corporation.  In addition to powering Digital Cheetah's solutions, MySQL powers the world's largest web sites including Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, Adobe, Flickr, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and many more.


We have spent 10 years developing Digital Cheetah's underlying technology. It provides fast development and deployment of highly functional, dynamic solutions that are customized precisely to your business needs. We are an agile development company, meaning we involve our clients throughout the development process and this allows us to quickly adapt our technology to your needs.

Open Source

Digital Cheetah provides tightly integrated solutions built on some of the most widely adopted open source technology.  Embracing the LAMP stack, Digital Cheetah uses a combination of leading edge technologies including Django, Drupal, Wordpress and MediaWiki and many others.

Objective-C and Java

Native mobile applications produce fast, efficient and elegant solutions that shine in the crowded app stores.  Objective-C is used for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad development.  Java is used for Android development.


Digital Cheetah's solutions are built upon one of the most advanced cloud inf rastructure platforms avail able with features such as auto-provisioning, remote management and service monitoring, firewall and application intrusion detection, application and database versioning, automated backup and restore capabilities, and much more.  With the ability to migrate seamlessly between all major cloud platforms, including private clouds, the Rackspace Cloud, the Amazon Cloud and many others, Digital Cheetah's solutions are some of the most fault-tolerant and disaster-tolerant systems available.


All Digital Cheetah websites utilize a server certificate issued by a recognized Certificate Authority and use 256 bit encryption. All communication amongst the database and application servers is conducted through a secure connection that is not open to the Internet.